How to take care of jewelry?

How to take care of jewelry?

Jewelry is something associated with permanence, eternity, imperishable beauty. There is a lot of truth in this – necklaces, earrings or bracelets never age or become useless. However, this does not mean that they do not deserve special treatment. Jewelry, affected by the teeth of time or often worn – although it does not become less valuable – can lose its charm, and simply get damaged. How to take care of jewelry so that it always delights? Just remember a few rules.


You should always take off your jewelry to sleep. This is safe for both its owner and the ornaments themselves. This is because during sleep it is easy to get creases, rips and any other mechanical injuries.


Be sure to store jewelry properly, in containers designed for this purpose, such as caskets sent with soft material, away from other objects. Each piece of jewelry should be hidden in a separate fabric pouch. This will avoid entanglement of earrings with necklaces, as well as the rubbing of jewelry pieces against each other, which can lead to damage.


You should avoid contact of your jewelry with chemicals, water or sweat, so take it off for bathing (including in salt water), playing sports, cleaning, grooming, and even keep it away from perfume. Otherwise, the jewelry may lose its luster, blacken, discolor and simply become damaged by chemical reactions. Although such caution seems exaggerated, it is definitely worth it, since the damage caused in such situations is unfortunately not subject to claims, considered to have resulted from inadequate and incompatible operation.

A beautiful piece of jewelry is one that is properly taken care of. It is worth keeping this in mind so that you can enjoy its magnificent brilliance and perfection in any situation.