Jewelry for grandma’s day – Gifts for grandma and grandpa’s day

Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa’s Day

Grandma and Grandpa are special people to each of us. Always engaged and eagerly looking forward to new challenges and adventures with their beloved grandchildren. They are the ones who celebrate their days on January 21 and 22. Surprise your grandparents with a unique piece of jewelry that will remind them every day of something that is most important to them – family.

Perfect for a gift for grandma

Necklaces with natural stones

Each ELORI Jewellery stone has different emotions and properties spelled into it. Thanks to them, we can revisit beautiful moments with our memories as well as recall people close to our hearts. Each stone has a lot of power, which every grandmother certainly deserves.

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Grandmother’s Day gift ideas.

Check out what our customers choose for a gift for Grandma.

Jewelry for Grandma and Grandpa’s Day

Grandmother’s Day and Grandfather’s Day are often quite an organizational challenge. Wanting to meet him in the best possible way, it is worth thinking about the right gift for your beloved grandparents. The youngest are sure to move the seniors with artistic performances and works. We can help the kids by beautifying these days with unique jewelry.

Traditions for Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day

Grandmother’s Day is celebrated on January 21, and Grandfather’s Day on January 22. Both holidays fall in the middle of the week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. This is an opportunity for the youngest family members to express their gratitude towards their grandparents and their love for the doyens of the family. Ever since this holiday has existed, kindergartens and schools have been filled with artistic endeavors that are prepared especially for this special day. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful traditions that are associated with the holiday of Grandma and Grandpa. The youngest, who do not see their grandparents on a daily basis, can focus on them and show remembrance on these days.

Parents can support their kids in organizing attractions for Grandparents’ Day. It would be a good idea to prepare a joint lunch or dinner. Plus a delicious homemade cake made together with the children. The evening will also include small gifts for beloved grandmothers and grandfathers.


History of Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day

In Poland, Grandmother’s Day and Grandfather’s Day have been celebrated since the 1960s. It began with celebrations related only to Grandmother’s Day. On January 21, 1966, Grandmother’s Day was announced in the Evening Express to commemorate actress Mieczyslawa Ćwiklińska. Although the gesture itself originally had a slightly different symbolism and was not associated with grandmothers in general, it has evolved and survived as All Grandmothers Day. The aforementioned actress received a cake on her 85th birthday, and was presented with it after a performance in which she played the character of her grandmother. A year after the event, January 21 was declared Grandmother’s Day, and the intention was to commemorate the actress and her cake.

Grandparent’s Day did not officially begin in Poland until the 1970s. It was probably established along the lines of holidays celebrated in other countries, where usually both grandmother and grandfather have their holiday on the same day.


Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day in the world

In countries such as the UK, USA, Italy and Canada, Grandmother’s Day and Grandfather’s Day are celebrated on one day. In the United States, the holiday has a national character – National Grandparents Day. As it is a national holiday, it has its own anthem and symbol – the forget-me-not flower. The symbol is combined with the grandparents’ holiday in Italy as well. On the same day, Italians celebrate the Catholic feast of the Guardian Angels. This is an extremely successful combination.

In the US, Canada and the UK, grandparents have celebrated their holiday since 1978. Depending on the country, the holiday falls on different days throughout the year. In Poland, it is divided into two days, with Grandmother’s Day celebrated on January 21 and Grandfather’s Day on January 22.


What to gift grandparents on their day?

An undoubted complement to the family gathering on these special days, will be a small gift for grandma and grandpa. A nice addition can be something handmade or something that can have special meaning for grandparents. During dinner, you can pamper your favorite seniors with delicious home-made baked goods. Here are some suggestions for those who have lots of ideas and can’t decide on any of them:

  • delicious cake with a dedication to grandma and grandpa
  • a large greeting card, made with your own hands
  • personalized necklace for grandma
  • personalized bracelet for grandpa
  • drawing or photo of seniors framed
  • photo of favorite grandchildren
  • make one of your grandparents’ dreams come true

It is advisable to implement all of the above, to the best of the strength and ability of the party organizers. And also any other idea that comes to mind and we are sure that it will please the grandparents.


Unique jewelry for Grandma

Wanting to please your grandmother and appropriately still decorate her holiday, you should be tempted to get a gift that is a lasting memento. The most important thing is that it should be special and from the heart. The field of jewelry provides here. Elori’s rich collection will allow you to tailor your gift accordingly to your grandmother’s character and disposition. Let her feel appreciated on the day of her celebration, and let her radiance be crowned with a perfectly matching piece of jewelry. The collection of women’s jewelry offers many possibilities:

  • silver necklaces
  • necklaces with natural stones
  • letter necklaces
  • bracelets made of silver/ with natural stones
  • earrings/evening earrings
  • earmuffs
  • rings with natural stones
  • evening rings

Following your heart or aesthetic instinct, you are sure to be able to choose a beautiful piece of jewelry for your grandmother. Of course, let the idea of our grandmother’s person guide us all the time when choosing a gift. What does he like? Is it more extravagant or more modest? Does he prefer to dazzle company with jewelry, or does he prefer discreet adornments? No matter what you choose, a gift of jewelry is a wonderful keepsake for years to come. Every time a grandmother puts it on, she will be guided by the thought of her beloved grandchildren and children.

If grandma is a person who likes to stand out, a good choice would be jewelry from the natural stone segment. Necklace with a magnificent amethyst framed in silver, will definitely emphasize the colorful personality of the grandmother. Also rings from the category of evening rings will impress the company. Long silver earrings will be the perfect complement to the set.

Letter necklaces make a charming gift, often evoking emotion in the recipient. Especially if the grandmother gets the initials of her children or grandchildren. Personalized jewelry will also beautify this holiday. Engraving names or a short phrase is sure to be memorable for grandparents.


Special jewelry for Grandpa

For Grandpa, who is not afraid to experiment with jewelry and colors, men’s bracelets with natural stones are recommended. In addition, it is worth taking care of their proper packaging. Grandpa will undoubtedly feel beautiful and elegant. In the Elori collection there are several types of stones that can be included in a bracelet:

  • natural white howlite
  • natural snow obsidian
  • natural lapis lazuli
  • natural mossy agate
  • natural jasper grey
  • natural jasper
  • natural lemon turquoise

As you can see, the color selection of stones is rich. You can find a bracelet in our grandfather’s favorite color. Also, a necklace with a corresponding letter or special engraving will be a good choice. The gift definitely has the potential to make a beloved grandparent emotional and happy.