Payment methods

Forms of payment in our online store:

Secure online payments

You can pay for your order with a secure online transfer through the imoje payment gateway (ING Bank Slaski takes care of data security). When you select imoje as a form of payment, you will see a list of banks. Then, after selecting your bank, you will be redirected to its website. The purchase amount will be blocked in your account and you will return to the store’s website. You will receive a payment confirmation by email.


Fast and secure form of payment. You enter the BLIK code visible in your bank’s mobile app, confirm the transaction on your mobile device. The order is already paid and you will receive a confirmation by email.


Buy now and pay later! Pay for your order within 30 days and the Twisto service will be completely free. No additional data, no registration – one click and you’re done!

Payment cards

If you want to pay by credit card, then select payment card payment. After redirecting to the imoje payment gateway page – enter the data from the card, i.e. its number, expiration date and CCV code, and accept the transaction with the “pay” button. The amount will be deducted from your Visa or Mastercard.

Bank transfer

You can also make a standard transfer to us. After selecting this form of payment, you will see the data to which you can send the transfer. However, remember that in this form your order will be processed only after the funds are credited to our account.

Cash on delivery

Do you want to pay only when you pick up the package? There is no problem. Select cash on delivery as the delivery method, and then select the appropriate payment method.