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Silver-plated PHOENIX necklace - rock crystal

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Naszyjnik PHOENIX posrebrzany - kryształ górski - ELORI Jewellery
Silver-plated PHOENIX necklace - rock crystal Sale price189,90 zł

Properties of rock crystal


What properties does Rock Crystal have?

With its ability to amplify, purify and harmonize energy, it is a stone that everyone can count on to raise their vibration and bring clarity to their lives.

When should I wear Rhinestone?

Wear the Rock Crystal during meditation, spiritual practices, or when you need clarity of mind and cleanliness in your surroundings.

What are the benefits of wearing a Rock Crystal?

  • Purity: Strengthens and clarifies energy, helping to achieve clarity of thought and purity of intentions.
  • Enhancement: Increases the effectiveness of other stones and energy tools, enhancing their properties.
  • Harmonization: Helps balance and harmonize energy in the body, mind and spirit.
  • Cleansing: Removes negative energies and blockages, supporting spiritual development and healing.

Rock Crystal is a universal stone that can benefit anyone, regardless of their goals or intentions.

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